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Download a free copy of
"The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy" (engl.) by William G. Pierpont NØHFF, or its german translation.

"By means of Morse telegraphy the world has been changed. It was the begin of the age of communication. With telegraphy began the technical revolution of modern age."
Read more on Morse telegraphy page DK5KE (in german)

An interesting document to help decoding easier Morse Keys (with authorization of Morse Tree

A good overview for beginners (with a lot of links)
Learn CW online

Files for K7QO's Code Course ( V4.0; V3.0)
W1AW Code Practice MP3 Files
CW Abbreviations and Q Signals

OEVSV Telegraphie Referat: read more
ARRL: Learning Morse Code
Some hints by KW4JM: Morse Code - if I Could Start Over Again

Good training pograms under Windows:
Just Learn Morse Code (Windows download)
Koch Method CW Trainer - G4Fon

Android training app:
IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW

Fabian Kurz Website
Another CW trainer (Linux, Unix, OS X, Windows)
Some more training stuff:
US Navy Training Video (1944)
Connect Morse Key to Iphone:
read more ...

cq cq cq de oe1gpa k ==


OE1GPA Homepage

ITU-R Recommendation (Morse Code)
Le Code Morse (français)
Russian Morse Code  (DARC)

The first CW QSO (in german)

Pendeen Lighthouse - ein Morsehörspiel
Generating Morse-Code as MIDI

My CW equipment

CW Decoder with Arduino
Overview paddles and bugs