my DMR Page
Information, documents and hints on working with DMR radios

My Kydera DM-880 portable radio

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network
DMR Digitalfunk (german)
Guide to DMR (.pdf)
DMR - Advanced Protocols

DMR-Brücken zwischen MOT und HYT werden erweitert
(DMR-Bridges between MOT and HYT will be extended...)

Make your own Hot Spot with DV4mini.

Firmware and programming software for Tytera radios.
TYT MD380 Tools.
Programming TYT MD380 under Linux with EditCP from Farnsworth.
If you are having trouble getting USB serial working in wine under linux, try this post or have a look on that one.

You can download some software for digital radios from OEVSV Download Page.

Erfahrungsbericht zum GD77 (in german).


OE1GPA Homepage

DMR-Austria (german)
Putting into service (german) / Inbetriebnahme
Register DMR-ID
Important docs download

DMR-Frequencies in Austria
DMR-User Data Base
Talkgroup-Matrix in Austria
Last User heard in OE

DMR Station Database
DMR-DL Info (german)
DMR in OK/OM (Slovenčina)
repeater status – worldwide
DMR LastHeard
list of reflectors