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Funküberwachung: +43 1 320 10 51-0

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World Time

Location (QTH) JN88EF

Show Maidenhead locator in Map (alternate map) and find distance between two locators similarly the angle between theese two locators to easily adjust direction of antenna.
Convert Coordinates from geographic to Maidenhead or vice versa.
Convert coordinates and show them in map or put the coordinates in Google Maps.
Map of Vienna with Public Transport.
(Garmin 64s Settings and How To)

Sunrise and Sunset for geographic location.

Radio Weather

Lightning activity (EU)
Lightning activity (Austria Weather Forecast, detailed)
Austria Weather (Austrocontrol)
Space Weather Prediction Center (NOAA)
Aurora Service Europa / Australia / North America

Space Weather Conditions (HF)    SPACEref  SIDC   Solarham.net
Solar24.net (Solar Data)
Solar Wind predictions    Solar Cycle Update (.ppt)
IONOGRAMS - MUF - f0F2 - f0Es (Europa)   DIAS
Lowell-Digisonde Pruhonice (f0F2) [explanations; german] Global f0F2 Map
Tropospheric Ducting Forecast    F5LEN      Solar Activity & Propagation
Classification of X-ray Solar Flares    NOAA Space Weather Scale for Geomagnetic Storms
De-Mystifying HF Radio Propagation

(Click to get to Space Weather Page or reload page if date not accurate - CTRL-R)
Some explanations in german and english.
Utilities for QSO

IARU - Operating Procedures
ITU Phonetic Alphabet (en, ru)
(use of ITU phonetic alphabet highly recommended!)
Morse Code

Lists of Radio Amateurs (Call Signs):

QRZ callsign lookup :

QRZCQ callsign lookup :

Callsign in Germany:

QRZ.com  QTH.at
Germany  US & CAN

Q-Codes and there usage with amateur radio.

Operation LOG-Template:
Log-File Template (pdf, ods; zip-archive)

CHAT-Room to exchange links and short messages (simple registration necessary).

SWL - Short Wave Listener

List of SDR (Software Defioned Radio) Stations (WEBSDR or KiwiSDR) worldwide.
Microwave WEBSDR.
Preferred Stations:
Twente (JO32KF) ; Székesfehérvár, Hungary (JN97fe)
Krems/Donau (JN78SK) [2m and 70cm]
Listen to Grimeton

DMR Operation

DMR-Frequencies in Austria (worldwide)
Talkgroup-Matrix in Austria
Last User heard in OE   DMR LastHeard

D-Star Operation

Attention: Read More about changes in D-Star Austria (in German)!

C4FM Operation

C4FM in Austria (in German, including relais frequencies)
Read more about C4FM .


CW-meeting (Vienna) every monday on 50,095 MHz at 2000 local time.


Find an APRS Station on the MAP:
Find APRS Stations in the Map (APRS.fi)
Find your APRS Station in the Map (db0anf)


Stations active in the last 10 minutes (map).
Try also PSK-Reporter map.
Follow FT-8 also in Reverse Beacon Network map.
USED FREQUENCIES for different modes (for JT65, JT9, FT-8 see here and PSK also here)

ISS Space Station

Frequencies IARU Reg. 1
145.800 MHz Voice and SSTV Downlink
145.200 MHz Voice Uplink
To see next fly over time click the fan page.
Use the ISS notification tool.

Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio Satellites (N2YO)
SAT Database search
SAT Mode finder (JE9PEL)
AO-91: down 145.960 MHz; up 435.250 MHz, CTCSS: 67.0 Hz
Satellite Status List
Online tracking using your browser or use GPREDICT (Linux, MAC, RasPi).
Satellite SDR with 4.5m parabol antenna (HA7WEN)

Frequencies (simplex)
Characteristics (de, en)
(proposal for voice calls)
HF Band Conditions
EU Tropo Propag.
80m  3690 LSB (QRP)
     3650 - 3700 
40m  7090 LSB (QRP)
     7060 - 7100
     7030 CW
     7023 CW (Pixie)
20m  14285 USB
     14060 CW
17m  18130 USB
15m  21285 USB
10m  28360 USB
     29100-29200 FM 
6m   50150 USB
     50110 USB Int.
     51510 FM
     (6m DX-Desktop / 
2m   144,300 USB
     145,500 FM
     144,625 FM
     144,050 CW
    (144,145) CW
70cm 432,200 USB
     433,500 FMnar.
     430,300 FM

DXRobot (Es in EU).
Check propagation of choosen band in WSPRnet Database
or in DXMAPS.
(Propagation forecast: Proppy | VOACAP)

DX Heat
DX Summit (fi)
DX SK6AW.net

DX ZONES of the World.

Country Prefixes



Global Mountain Activity



HF Band maps
VHF - 6m map   2m map
UHF - 70cm map   23cm map
Frequency map Austria (German) USA (ARRL)
HF Managers Handbook
VHF Managers Handbook
Broadcast Message Frequencies (Rundspruch) in Austria.

Repeater Operation

Search for a repeater in your near environment
(see for a complete list of Austrian Repeaters)
Repeaterlist with channels
Repeater Lists International Overview (DARC)
Echolink Stations worldwide

OE1XUU 438,950 MHz Vienna-Kahlenberg
               (70cm; Echolink 6406)
OE3XLU 439,025 MHz Gießhübl
OE3XLU 145,5875 MHz Gießhübl
OE1XFU 439,000 MHz Vienna-Satzberg
OE1XFW 145,625 MHz Vienna-Laaberg 
               (2m; Echolink 3302)
OE1XFW 438,650 MHz Vienna-Laaberg 
OE3XEB 439,050 MHz Troppbergwarte 

OE3XHW 438,750 MHz Hohe Wand 
OE3XNS 438,800 MHz Buschberg 
OE4XSB 438,725 MHz Sonnenberg 
OE4XUB 145,775 MHz Brentenriegel 
               (2m; Echolink 156782)
OE1XQA 145,750 MHz Vienna-Exelberg
OE3XHW 145,725 MHz Hohe Wand
OE3XWU 439,075 MHz Hochwechsel
OE3XHB 438,425 MHz Jauerling
OE6XCD 438,625 MHz Stuhleck

Emergency Operations

Region 1,2,3 
3.760 kHz [LSB] 
3.750 oder 3.895 kHz [LSB] 
3.600 kHz [LSB] 

7.110 kHz [LSB]  
7.060, 7.240 oder 7.290 kHz [LSB] 
7.110 kHz [LSB]

14.300 kHz [USB]  18.160 kHz [USB]  21.360 kHz [USB] 

145,500 MHz FM Anruf (mobil/portabel) S20 (2 m)
433,500 MHz FM Anruf international (LPD-Kanal 18)
27065 kHz   Alle (FM) Weltweiter Notfunk (CB-Kanal 9)
Amateur Radio Emergency Network Austria (german)
Emergency Staions in Austria
IARU Emergency Telecommunications Guide (pdf)
IARU Emergency Operation (pdf) IARU Notfunkprozedur (pdf; German)


Links to manuals of different rigs and devices (transceiver, tuner, ...)

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