Probably best solution is to use Repeaters for the first QSOs and experiences as amateur radio operator.
Search in the Austrian List of Repeaters for the one located near to your QTH having connection to Echolink.
If you have opened the connection to the Relais you can type the Echolink number of the choosen Echolink station (User station or Repeater). You hear the confirmation "callsign connected" and if you push again PTT you can open your call which is sent out on the relais and the connected Echolink station simultanously. relais and Echolink station and so also all radio operators in that virtual area are connected now.
You can disconnect by typing DTMF tone "#" or "*#".

If your Radio Transmitter has no number keyboard you can instead use your mobile phone with an appropriate application to produce the appropriate tones.

If you are transmitting to a repeater which is connected to an
"Allstar Link" you have to type "*33" followed by a 6 digit echolink node number with leading zeroes to open the connection.

e.g. You are transmitting to OE1XFW and you want to open the echolink to OE1XUU you type "*33006406" to open the connection and after your QSO "*71" to close it.

Following chapter 4.1 of the
"VHF MANAGERS HANDBOOK" there is a new system of channel designation. You find old and new designations for repeaters in Austria in the list of OE7OPJ.

To program the repeater list of repeaters in your environment search them using
this webpage.
Display the searched repeaters as list of type "chirp" ("Ausgabe formatieren als").
Copy the output in a file myreplist.csv
Use program CHIRP (available on all major platforms) to program the list in your radio.
open myreplist.csv; correct eventual errors in the .csv file manually!

PLEASE READ THESE Information first:


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